5 Reasons Your Air Filters Are So Dirty | Pearland, TX

Air filters are going to get dirty no matter what. In a sense, that’s what they’re for! They trap the dirt, dust, and debris that circle around in the air at all times, ensuring your AC system can run efficiently.

But if you’re finding your AC filters are dirtier than normal (as evinced by a musty-smelling home), or that you need to change them far more frequently than the recommended schedule, then you may be running afoul of these five culprits.

#1) Pollen

Pearland often has high counts of tree, grass, and other pollens. You can check the pollen forecast here.

Pollen counts are particularly high in February through June.

The bad news is that you can’t stop pollen. The good news is that changing your air filters more often during pollen season can help alleviate any seasonal allergies you may be suffering by keeping your indoor air quality high.

#2) Dust

Dust is inevitable: it’s an array of dead skin cells, dead insect particles, soil, bacteria, clothing fibers, and hair. Some homes are dustier than others.

You can reduce dust by dusting with a damp cloth, using doormats, managing clutter, and washing your bedding on a weekly basis.

#3) Pet Hair

We all love our fur babies, but there’s no getting around the fact that they shed. The more fur babies you have, the more shedding happens and the dirtier your air filter gets.

You can take a few steps to manage the pet hair phenomenon. For example, if you brush your pets regularly, you can throw the bulk of the pet’s hair in the trash so it doesn’t wind up in your filter. It’s also a good idea to clean your baseboards and vents regularly since those are places where pet hair tends to gather.

Controlling pet hair will also help you control dust.

#4) Fan Settings

Do you run the fan on your AC 24/7? This means you’re filtering your air 24/7, which will lead to better indoor air quality. However, it also means your air filters will get dirtier faster.

We usually recommend that our customers set the fan to “auto,” so the fan is cycled only when necessary.

#5) Unusual Circumstances

Has there been a fire in your neighborhood? Your air filter may be taking on soot. Have you done heavy renovations in your home? Those renovations are generating additional dust.

In most cases, unusual circumstances clear up relatively quickly, but you’ll still need to change your air filters more often while they’re happening.

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