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Air conditioning repair installation and maintenance is a necessity in Pearland, TX. Let us help you get the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit for your house. A cooling system is efficient for the long hot summer months. The heating system comes in handy in the cold winter months.

Some common FAQs in our area of expertise include:

Which HVAC system is suitable for my home?

In most cases, the size of your home dictates which HVAC system suits you. After you schedule an appointment with us, we will send a team of experts to analyze the size, heating and cooling requirements, and your home surroundings to design a suitable system for your home.

What AC size should I purchase?

The hot and not-so-cold winters in Pearland, TX, may make you think about the size and power of an AC are the significant features in this cooling system. Contrary to popular belief, a large AC unit is not necessarily efficient for cooling. We recommend AC sizing by our technician to give you an appropriate system for your home.

Is air conditioning repair installation and maintenance expensive?

Air conditioning is a needed expense in Pearland, TX. The AC is indispensable during the intolerable summer, humid rainy season, and dry winter. However, it does consume a lot of electricity when installed incorrectly. Let experts handle your installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep the system performing efficiently while consuming less energy.

How does air conditioning improve indoor air quality?

It’s undisputed the air in your home can get stuffy during the winter and rainy seasons because of prolonged windows shutting. In summer and spring, pollutants and allergens can get through the house. Air conditioning helps circulate air in the cold and wet months. It also filters out pollutants and allergens.

How often should I have my HVAC checked?

Maintenance is a crucial part of your air conditioning upkeep. The filters, coils, and fins get regular wear and tear. An expert should check them to keep them functioning at optimum throughout the year. Negligence leads to poor performance.

Which HVAC brands do you install, maintain, and repair?

Our professionals are experts in installing and servicing all makes and models of HAVC systems. We provide services for both commercial and residential units.

When should I replace or fix my furnace?

Some homeowners tend to think that they can handle such services themselves. It is advisable to seek expert counsel before making changes. Our experts are always available to evaluate your heating system. They will then give their recommendations based on the diagnosis.

Should carbon monoxide concern me when I am running my heating system?

When you get professionals to install and service your heating system, it should run smoothly and efficiently with minimal to no problems. As HAVC system specialists, we ensure your venting system functions efficiently during installation and maintenance. Carbon monoxide is also a by-product of burning fuel. Your water heater, oven, and furnace can produce this toxic gas. We install a carbon monoxide sensor system to detect any leakages.

What services do you offer for system maintenance?

We provide two types of system maintenance services. The first service is common practice in the industry – you get two annual visits and a system inspection for this service. We also have a Comfort Tune VIP Program. During the visit, we conduct three yearly visits. We also clean your system and change the filters. We give a loyalty service discount for this program as well.

How often should I change my filter?

Changing your filter is an essential aspect of being a homeowner. You should change your filter after every 30 days to six months. The long summers in Pearland, TX, translate to a higher filter change frequency.

Is regular maintenance necessary?

Aside from reducing energy consumption, regular maintenance validates your warranty. Regular maintenance helps with performance. System maintenance prevents skin and respiratory irritation from dry air. It also regulates humidity, averting mold growth and rot. Care also sustains indoor air quality.

Should I turn off my HAVC system when away on holiday?

We never recommend shutting off the system entirely, particularly in the summer months. Pearland, TX, is humid during summer. With your system turned off, excess moisture can wreak havoc on your home by triggering mold and mildew growth.

Why is my thermostat unresponsive?

You can start by checking if your batteries are working. If that is not the problem, check if your furnace switch is on – in some systems, this turns the thermostat off. If you still cannot find the problem, give us a call. Our team have the tools and expertise to conduct a system diagnosis and perform long-lasting repairs.

When should I repair my HAVC system?

A HAVC 15 years or older needs replacement. You may experience more downtime with it, adding to your expenses.

Should I get a humidifier for my home?

Although Pearland, TX, is known for its unrelenting heat. It also gets ice cold during winter, especially in January. Winter weather is dry. It irritates the skin and can trigger a stuffy nose. We can install a humidifier to get rid of dry air.

How can I schedule air conditioning heating services?

We are a phone call away. Contact us on 713-433-4380 from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. You can also schedule an appointment or make further inquiries by filling an online form. We are ready to tackle all your questions and provide guidance for your HAVC system.

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