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When furnaces go awry, most of us hope to hear that a quick repair is all that is required. Yet, unfortunately, there are times when a repair isn’t going to work. Eventually, you will have to replace the furnace.

Here are the five signs that you need to make plans for a heater replacement.


#1) You see dust everywhere.

Dusting isn’t exactly a fun chore. Fortunately, modern homes don’t generate a lot of dust thanks to air filters…which means if you need to break out the Pledge more often than normal, then your HVAC system may be telling you it’s become highly inefficient. It’s no longer circulating the air well enough to take care of your dust problem. 


#2) Your energy bills are skyrocketing.

If you’re already doing everything you can do to keep your heating bill low but see a significant increase in your energy costs anyway, then your heater may be breaking down beyond repair.

Older systems have to work a lot harder to get the job done, and harder work requires more energy.


#3) You have cold spots.

Nobody loves finding a cold spot in their toasty home! If you find some homes don’t heat up at all or some homes only heat in certain spots, your HVAC system could be running out of steam.

Of course, there are things you can check first…if you’ve accidentally blocked off the vent to an entire room, then it’s not going to get warm! 


#4) Your heater is acting weird.

Has your heater turned smelly? Is it banging and clanging? Is it turning on and turning back off again over and over?

Sure, all of these signs can mean that your heater has a loose belt or a bad fuse, but it could also mean that the entire system is breaking down and you need to replace your furnace.


#5) Your heater is old.

Age is the number one indicator that you should replace your heater rather than trying to replace it. The best heating brands in the world can only last 15 to 20 years before they give up the ghost. 

Older systems can even become a safety hazard. It’s important to keep track of your heater’s age and to budget for scheduled replacements.


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