How to Solve a Dusty House | Dalton AC & Heating

If you’ve always lived in homes with a good working central AC system, you might not think much about dust. 

Yet when something goes wrong with your central AC, dust is one of the earliest signs of trouble. 

Are you dealing with this dirty, disgusting phenomenon right now? We may be able to help you troubleshoot your dusty house issue so you won’t have to. Here’s what you need to know.

#1) Dirty Air Filters Create Dusty Homes

If you don’t adhere to the manufacturer’s schedule for changing your air filters, then you are likely to collect a lot of dust. Filters are the primary reason why homes with central ACs tend to be more dust-free. 

Under normal circumstances, most dust particles end up trapped in the filter instead of gathering all over the house.

#2) Poor Quality Air Filters Create Dusty Homes

You should always use the exact filter recommended by the manufacturer. If you have a low-quality filter or one that doesn’t fit well, you’ll hamper your AC’s ability to collect and trap all of your dust. 

You may also need a filter with a higher MERV rating. This can be especially common in homes with pets since those homes tend to produce the most dust. 

#3) Your Vacuum Cleaner is in Poor Repair

Low-quality or poorly repaired vacuum cleaners tend to spew dust back into the air instead of trapping it away. If you’re getting that kind of blowback from your vacuum, you should either fix the machine or replace it.

#4) Your Humidity is Out of Control

Pearland is a humid climate to begin with, but a poorly sized AC can make humidity skyrocket. The more humidity in your home, the heavier dust particles become, which means they are more likely to gather all over your house instead of being sucked up by the AC and trapped in your air filter.

You may need a dehumidifier, but you may also need to replace your AC with one that is a better fit for your home.

#5) There’s a Problem With Your Ductwork

Gaps or leaks in your ductwork can allow dust and debris to escape the AC system and make their way back into your house. A good AC unit demands great ductwork.

If you call us for an inspection, we can examine your ductwork to determine what might be wrong with it.

Get Help Today

Dust isn’t the only consequence of a home with an AC unit that’s in poor repair. If you’re seeing dust, high energy bills, or are experiencing a lot of hot spots, don’t wait. Call Dalton Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an inspection, repair, or replacement today.

We can’t promise you’ll never have to pick up another can of Pledge ever again. But we can promise that we can help you experience less dust while making your home more comfortable than ever. Call (713) 433-4380 to get started today.

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