7 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Tune-Up for Your Heater | Dalton

The weather in Houston may be warm most of the year, but the cold season does come on fast. When wet, freezing winds try to cut through the thickest coats, having a working heater is a luxury few would want to do without.

Scheduling a fall tune-up will ensure your heater is there for you when you need it and offers plenty of other benefits as well.

#1) Gain Efficiency

A tune-up will help you save on energy bills during the colder months. Replacing inefficient parts and checking the electrical wiring ensures that your heater operates at optimal efficiency. In turn, your furnace won’t have to work quite as hard to heat your home.

#2) Avoid Breakdowns

Nobody wants to wake up to a freezing cold home. If you want your heater to serve you reliably all winter long, the preventative maintenance that comes with a fall tune-up is the way to go

#3) Extend Your Heater’s Lifespan

Replacing heaters can be expensive. A fall tune-up is a relatively low-cost service that will help you extend the life of your heater. In fact, the tune-up pays for itself by helping you avoid the need for emergency repairs. 

#4) Keep Your Home Comfortable

Fall tune-ups inspect your heater’s performance. Ensuring that your system is operating safely and efficiently will make sure that you catch any repairs before the furnace fails. This will keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. 

#5) Keep Your Home Safe

A faulty heater is a fire hazard and can present other dangers as well. During your fall tune-up, our technicians check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide issues as well. Scheduling service is an excellent way to protect yourself, your family, and your pets. 

#6) Protect Your Warranty

If you have a newer heater, failing to schedule a fall tune-up could void your warranty. While warranties can be frustrating, they can also be lifesavers that save you thousands of dollars if a part, or even the entire unit, needs to be replaced.

#7) Convenience

When winter hits, we’re usually pretty busy on emergency calls. Scheduling preventative maintenance during the fall reduces your wait time. You might not have to call us at all during the busy season, which means fewer headaches for you. 

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Don’t forget, we also offer two maintenance programs that can help you place heater tune-ups on autopilot. If you choose the Comfort Tune Program, our technicians will visit your home twice a year to inspect your AC or heater. If you choose the Comfort Tune VIP program, you get three visits, along with system cleaning and air filters. Call Dalton Air Conditioning & Heating at (713) 433-4380 or send a text if you’re interested in either program. 


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