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An AC tune-up allows a technician to spot problems with your AC system and correct them before they become major repairs. It also allows a professional to perform routine maintenance, like lubricating moving parts, cleaning the coils, and topping off the coolant.

Many people schedule regular tune-ups without waiting for signs that the AC needs one, and that’s certainly the course of action we recommend to Pearland residents. Nevertheless, we understand that you may be on a budget and might want to wait until a tune-up seems necessary.

Here are four signs you should call us.

#1) Your energy bills have gone up.

Increased electrical bills often mean your AC works harder to get the same results. Part of that might be the climate…it’s getting hotter, and an AC will have to work harder during a heat wave.

Part of it might be that your AC is struggling due to small, preventable problems—the problems a tune-up is designed to address. 

#2) Your AC is blowing warm air.

Warm air is a sign that your AC is already failing and may be about to suffer from a major breakdown. 

It could mean your coolant is low. But it might mean you have a large leak in your system.

Call us as soon as you notice this symptom. We may still be able to save your AC before the problem becomes so bad that you’ll need a replacement instead of a repair.

#3) Your AC is barely blowing air.

If your AC can barely blow, your fan is stuck, your motor is dead, you’ve got a loose fan belt or a wheel is stuck somewhere. The evaporator coil may also be frozen.

In each of these cases, the problem will not go away on its own. 

#4) You’re hearing weird sounds or smelling weird smells.

Buzzing and popping noises could mean loose wiring. Banging noises could mean compressor problems. Screeching sounds could mean a broken fan motor.

Bad smells often mean mildew has gotten into your unit, the AC is clogged with dirt or mold, or the AC isn’t draining properly.

All of these issues can lead to much bigger problems in the future. Some can even impact your health by reducing indoor air quality to the point where you start experiencing respiratory issues. 

Schedule a Tune-up Today

Ideally, you’ll schedule an HVAC tune-up one to two times per year to ensure that it lives out its full lifespan.

If you live in Pearland or the surrounding areas and haven’t had this year’s tune-up yet, call Dalton AC & Heating to get help today. 

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