Is Your AC Running Efficiently? | Houston, TX HVAC Repair

AC efficiency is the key to keeping your home comfortable and cost-effective. Here in Houston, we have ten hot months yearly, so energy efficiency is even more important. 

Here are a few tips for monitoring your efficiency throughout the year to know when to call a professional. 

#1) Know Your System

It helps to know what normal system function looks like. If you’ve installed a new system recently or had it serviced, pay attention to how well it cools your home and your energy bills. Pay attention to its normal sounds and patterns.

That way, you will notice if it starts acting out of the ordinary, and you can call HVAC professionals like us to take a look. Catching problems fast often means catching them while they’re still relatively small and inexpensive to fix. 

#2) Schedule Filter Changes

Dirty filters are the number one reason why air conditioning units stop running efficiently. ACs can’t function efficiently when airflow gets hampered. Thus, it has to work twice as hard to get cold air to you. 

Eventually, dirty filters can burn out your motor, so staying on top of this saves you on more than your monthly electric bill. It can reduce the number of service calls you require from a company like ours! 

Scheduling regular air filter changes in your Pearland home - Dalton AC & Heating

#3) Keep an Eye on Outdoor Units 

Improper care of outdoor units is the second most common reason an AC fails to run efficiently. If you let falling leaves and branches pile up around the unit, the condenser coils won’t produce enough airflow to cool your house effectively. 

Keep the outdoor unit as clean and as clear as possible. This is an ongoing task; there’s no way to “fix it and forget it.”

The one thing you don’t have to worry about? Shade. Shading an outdoor unit doesn’t make it any more efficient.

#4) Schedule a Maintenance Plan

AC units are delicate. A lot is going on inside of them. There are both mechanical components and electrical components which can wear out and wear down.

Regular tune-ups let us replace those components so your AC unit continues functioning exactly as it should. 

AC Check and Maintenance for Residential AC System in Pearland, Texas - Dalton AC & Heating

Get Help Today 

Do you have a problem with your AC unit? We’re happy to help. We can help you check your unit for problems, or we can repair a system that is no longer functioning as well as you should. We’re eager to help you beat our Houston heat!
Contact us today to schedule your free estimate, and don’t forget to ask us about our regular maintenance plans! 

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