7 Signs Your AC Needs Immediate Repair

As Houston weather heats up, you can’t afford to be without good air conditioning. So, if your air conditioning starts acting up, call us right away.

You don’t have to be an AC expert to know when it may be time to call for a repair. You just need to stay on the lookout for these seven signs of trouble. 

#1) Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

There are many reasons why your AC may start blowing hot air, and all of them require immediate attention.

Five reasons are especially common. 

The first is that your refrigerant is low and needs a top-off. The second is that your condenser coils are dirty. The third is that your ducts are leaking. And the fourth is that something is going on with your thermostat.

The fifth is something you can handle yourself: a dirty air filter. But if changing the air filter doesn’t work, it’s time to call us. 

The problem may also be more serious, such as compressor problems or evaporator coil malfunctions. But hot air is never a good sign. 

#2) AC Short Cycling

When your AC keeps turning off and on repeatedly, it’s a sign that your electrical components may be damaged. It can also indicate condenser issues or compressor failures. 

You want to get this issue looked at right away because a short cycling AC could eventually overheat or shut down altogether. 

#3) Weak Air Flow

It’s not normal for an AC to suddenly produce weak airflow. If you’ve already checked and replaced the filter, then there is a good chance that the sudden decrease in airflow is a sign of a deeper AC problem. 

The problem could be as simple as a bad blower motor or as complex as significant ductwork damage. Either way, it’s essential to contact us so we can diagnose the issue. 

#4) Loud Noises

It’s never a good sign when a mechanical device starts sounding like it’s a venue for a heavy metal band, and an air conditioner is no exception. Banging and clanging inside the AC means something has gone terribly wrong. 

Banging isn’t the only symptom of a problem. We’ve heard ACs buzz, whistle, scream, squeal, chatter, rattle, click, hiss, hum, and pop. They’re all signs of problems, from capacitor breakdowns to contactor failures. 

#5) Strange Smells 

ACs develop all kinds of smells, and few of them are pleasant. None of them are particularly good signs. 

Often, trapped water or a dirty drain pan are the culprits. However, a toxic or dangerous fluid leak could also be the problem, so don’t ignore this sign. 

#6) Leaks Around the Unit

Speaking of leaks, you may notice leaks around your outside unit with no smells at all. Sometimes, the leak is just water, and the condensate line has gotten clogged with algae, dirt, and debris.

Sometimes, the problem is severe, and the AC needs immediate attention. 

#7) High Energy Bills

Your AC uses a lot of energy already, but by now, you probably know what to expect during the average summer. So, if your electric bills double or triple, it’s a sign that your AC is working way too hard to heat or cool your home. 

Ignoring this problem is like opening your door, taking a big wad of money, and throwing it outside into the street. The sooner you fix the issue, the sooner your electric bill goes back to normal. 

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