4 Clever HVAC Hacks to Cool Your Home This Summer

4 Clever HVAC Hacks to Cool Your Home This Summer

More than 85% of homes across the country have some kind of air conditioning unit. It’s easy to see why they’ve become such a staple with how they make a home feel so much more comfortable.

While most HVAC systems are designed to function at a high level to keep your home at the temperature you want, there are always ways to improve efficiency. Before we get to the middle of summer and the scorching heat the comes with it, check out these HVAC hacks to make sure you have the coolest house on the block!

1. Perform Routine Maintenance

The only way to guarantee a working air conditioning system is to make sure all of the mechanics are functioning properly, which means performing regular maintenance.

One of the most important aspects of that is changing the filter before it becomes too clogged and dirty to be effective. Your HVAC professionals can help you set a schedule so it never gets past the point of no return. It’s also important to regularly clean your system of fallen debris for optimal function.

2. Add-in Shade Options

No one can control the amount of sunlight that’s produced on any given day. But they can control how much hit their home and HVAC unit.

Planting trees and shrubs that provide shade around a home and an HVAC unit is a great way to naturally cool down a home so the system has to work much less. It’s not an overnight fix but you’ll see the benefits for years to come.

3. Change Out Window Coverings

Dark, heavy window coverings are a great way to keep light out of a space but they can also make a room much hotter.

In the summer months, it’s a good idea to change out window coverings for something lighter in color and fabric. This allows the light and heat to be reflected instead of absorbed, which in turn lowers the temperature of a room.

4. Regulate Temperature

While everyone wants a cool home in the summer, it’s unnecessary for it to be extra cold when you’re not home. This is why so many homeowners have converted to smart thermostats.

These devices allow you to regulate the temperature in your house at any time and from anywhere. Simply change the settings from your phone to warmer when you’re gone and cooler when you’re home. This allows you to save money on your bills without sacrificing any comfort.

HVAC Hacks to Keep You Cool

There really isn’t anything that’s worse than being too hot in your own home, the place where you’re supposed to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Making sure you do these HVAC hacks will keep you from that sweltering heat so you can relish the whole season.

A lot of these hacks can be handled on your own but there really is no substitute for having a professional inspection done on your whole system. And it’s best to get that done before you desperately need that system every day!

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