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Houston area humidity levels hover at an annual percentage of 90% during the mornings and 63% during the afternoons. At certain times of the year, walking outside can make you feel like you’re trying to breathe through a hot blanket that’s been doused in boiling water.

While most of us are aware of external humidity factors, few people think much about humidity inside the home. Yet controlling indoor humidity can be vital to your health and comfort. 


Why is it so important to control indoor humidity?

High indoor humidity can lead to many problems.

  1. It can increase your cooling bill by making the air feel hotter than it actually is. Most people keep cranking up the thermostat to compensate and end up paying more as a result.
  2. It can increase your risk of mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health risks. Houston, the closest major city to Pearland, TX has high mold counts, and it doesn’t take long for mold to take advantage of high humidity. 
  3. It can destroy wooden objects in your home, leading to rot, warping, and decay.
  4. It can cause condensation on windows and other surfaces, which can make your house feel clammy and unpleasant.

Fortunately, your HVAC system can play a vital role in helping you bring your indoor humidity under control.


Tips for Controlling Indoor Humidity

Taking a few small steps can help you keep your humidity under control.

  1. Keep your cool. Running your AC a little cooler can reduce humidity because cool air holds less water vapor than hot air. 
  2. Change your AC filter. Keeping your filter changed increases airflow. It also catches dust, mold, mildew, and other particles, which can help decrease the risks of high humidity.
  3. Use your ventilation fans. The fans in your bathroom and your kitchen are designed to decrease the humidity caused by shower steam, pot steam, sink water, and more. 
  4. Fix your leaks. Leaks introduce more moisture into the air. If both your water bill and your humidity are high, it might be time to call a plumber for a check-up.

You can also get a dehumidifier, but it won’t do much good if your HVAC system isn’t functioning correctly. Scheduling regular tune-ups in the spring and in the fall can ensure that you control humidity throughout the year. 


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